Is PCMC a better property destination than Pune?

Buying or Investing in a flat or apartment in Pune/PCMC.

Confused on destination ?

Most of the property buyers have this confusion. Pune or PCMC? While buying your dream home is a very very emotional and stress making decision, one has to ensure what is really the destination of your lifetime stay.

Infrastructure :

PCMC is better connected on Road and Rail network as compared to Pune.  The municipal corporation of PCMC has undisputedly taken great efforts to give its citizens congestion free roads and therefore score one point above Pune City’s infrastructure which is most of the times overload. PCMC also has a good local train network as compared to Pune which stands a good advantage.

Property Prices in PCMC v/s Pune :

Prices of flats and apartments in PCMC are reasonably lesser as compared to Pune. When you compare these prices to infra available v/s property offered, one would always feel that PCMC is reasonable.

For e.g. 2 or 3BHK Flats or apartments in Ravet at Kohinoor Grandeur which is an entry point from Mumbai, would come in a bracket of INR 55 Lacs to 1 Crore depending upon type of apartment but similarly property in Hadapsar which is an entry point from Solapur is 50% more expensive than Ravet.

Alternately, 2BHK Flats or apartments in Pimpri Central at Mahindra Antheia (a very prime location) will come in a price bracket of 70 Lacs plus taxes but similarly Prime Central location of Pune like Shivajinagar will cost you nothing less than 1.50 Crores.

Work and Industries :

PCMC is one of Asia’s largest Industrial and automobile hub. Pune is a mix of everything but most of the IT companies form base in Pune.


Fun and Leisure :

Pune has better leisure and fun destinations as compared to PCMC. For ones who love night life, PCMC does not have much to offer. For the ones who party not so regular travel to hotspot destinations is easier from PCMC than from far off areas of Pune. PCMC has some very great parks maintained extremely good.

Educational Facilities :

Both PCMC and Pune have ample of schools, colleges, private coaching etc although Pune may have an edge over it.

Finally when it is really the time to decide between PCMC or Pune, it also matters to consider the distance from work to your home. If it falls well within 8-12 kms range, PCMC will always be a better choice.

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Property buying is once in a lifetime decision so go smart and steady.