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Impact of Demonetization on Real Estate Business

Starting from the beginning of demonetization every business activities got delayed and the major impact was created on the businesses that dealt in liquid cash. Real estate is one of them as it involves daily labors, materials and many other areas where liquid cash transactions are much need and bank transactions are avoided. As we […]

Investment Impact On Real Estate Post Demonetization

For a novice Indian the term demonetization is very confusing. The confusion spurs from the likely impact of currency ban and the economic impacts of it. While this currency ban has been testing the patience of businessmen and working professional alike, it still remains to be seen the effects of this government policy on key […]

Will Property Rate In India Ever Come Down?

The inflation of the economy has a stable and sturdy growth unlike our income. Property is an asset with no depreciation of value; in fact the rate rises with years. Here, an old or new building doesn’t have much difference in value while selling. Country’s population is rapidly growing and people need a place to […]

10 Must Follow Basic Vastu Tips For Home

Vastu is an ancient science which is highly practiced for better living. Every corner of the house reflects their energies on you and your family. Though in modern building and apartments proper Vastu is not possible, but there are correctional remedies to suit the house. You can live a blissful life by living in a […]

Upcoming Smart Cities-Best Places To Invest In Property In India 2016-17

The current year budget and government’s initiative to push the concept of ‘Smart City’ have together offered great news for the property investors especially the first time buyers, who intend to buy home for less than 50 lakhs. It is certainly difficult to find a home in metros within this budget but  the Tier 2 […]

Be smart! Buy Homes without paying the Bank Interest

Buying a home is nothing less than a challenge. It seems to be so daunting that people just drop the idea of getting their home and instead prefer staying on rent for years together. The foremost thing one must plan is to set the assets acquisition objectives one may have and then see how buying […]

Ready To Move In Property: The Next Generation Home Solution

Property buyers always look for the best deal they can find with the resources and time available to them. Property prices are now subdued more than ever and there are a lot of buyers in the market. Buying a property is the most tiring task. While the excitement of owning one’s own property pushes one […]

How GST bill will affect to buyers and builders?

GST (GOODS AND SERVICE TAX) is going to be the massive boon for all Indians, especially for builders and buyers. GST (GOODS AND SERVICE TAX) bill was passed by both government houses, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha will soon be imposed from 2017 onwards. The bill proposed and passed by the houses will unify the […]

What Option Would Be Ideal For Home Loan Tenure: 15 Years Or 30 Years?

When it comes to a home loan, the aspect of tenure is considered to be the most critical decision-making factor in the home loan process. Undoubtedly, this factor has a great impact on the cost of the borrowing which in turn increases the overall cost of the property as well. A typical psychological human perception […]