The World Is Flat: Builder Flats & How They Change Us

Across India, a new kind of habitat is being created. As the city spills over from its original boundaries, and moves skywards, more and more Indians are coming to terms with the idea of living in flats. In a place like Mumbai, this has always been the case, but today, even in small town India, multiple store’s buildings are mushrooming, and the flat is emerging as the modern way to live. For many, this shift is now so much a part of the accepted reality of our lives that it no longer carries any significance, but in reality the changes it sets in motion can be profound.

 The dominant mental model of the home has been as a place of origin, as a seat of belonging. This is why the home in India has been a highly unselfconscious space, one that accommodated all the angularities of one’s preferred mode of living. The home was a sprawled space gathering objects that were assigned places depending on the purpose they served. It was an organism which grew seemingly on its own, gradually acquiring layers of use. In most traditional homes, space wasn’t measured; one rarely knew how large or small one’s living space was. Space seemed to expand or contract around one’s needs. The home was imagined inside out- it was a space built around the people who lived there.

 The builder flat is constructed the other way around. It is conceived of as the new grid within which lives are being relocated. Created by the inexorable arithmetic of space as currency, the builder flat delivers a template that acts as a solution to one’s housing needs. The space is determined first- the lives of the residents who occupy have to fit in into this pre configured arena.

 In order to help a prospective buyer imagine the final product, every new building development uses a ‘sample flat’ which is fully done up and populated with furniture. This has become the default imagination for the new home- this dressing up of space with the veneer of surface modernity. This brand of interior design has a great preference for neatness and slickness. Nothing juts out, surfaces are evened out and glossified. The eye slides over everything that it sees- the modern ‘designed’ flat comes without memory or reference- the primary aim to start anew by leaving the messiness of the past behind. The builder flat has marble floors and straight lines. Everything is exposed and all space is rendered useful.

The furniture that is part of this new world has a nameless slickness about it. The slick is modernity’s shield against memory as it refuses to absorb anything. Memories do not stand in a straight line, even though the way we measure time is linear. Memories defy chronology, they leap about and arrive unannounced. The builder flat does not allow for this untidiness, not to begin with anyway. Here the personal is tucked away behind a screen. The modern becomes a denial of memory rather than an evocation of a new one. It marks the beginning of a new journey. Here one is meant to strive to become oneself, by jettisoning the accumulated luggage of the past.

 Living in a flat and being responsible for one’s own home from scratch creates a new experience of the self. In the builder flat one arrives abruptly at the present having bailed on the past. The builder flat is in many ways a no-man’s-land where one catches one’s breath and idles in neutral. It opens up the possibility of making choices that were unavailable otherwise. It allows one to embark on a journey towards being an individual and gradually learning to make choices. The task of building one’s own life in one’s own home calls for making decisions that involve an awareness of one’s preferences, tastes and personality. The builder flat provides a start by putting together all those elements of modernity on which there is a general consensus, and even some on which there is not.

 A good example is found in the number of flats that now have an open kitchen that abuts the living room. Borrowed from the West, this is an idea that is far removed from the reality of Indian kitchens where tadkas and masalas impose themselves on one’s senses. That so many people are open to this idea suggests that the desire to submit to a ‘modern’ life without asking too many questions of it is great.

 The new habitat of the middle class also creates new anxieties and a desire for new affiliations. The community of the old needs to be replaced with a new kind of community. Here proximity is by itself not enough, being someone’s neighbor is an elective position; one chooses who to be neighborly with. Apartment living makes all actions deliberate- there are few things that are given, that one must do. The experience of living in a crowd, while being relatively anonymous, of being in plain sight of so many without necessarily feeling observed is a completely new sensation. To have one’s action freed from the relentless scrutiny of those who appoint themselves as stakeholder in one’s life can be a liberating feeling but equally it creates a void in feeling significant that needs to be filled.

 The beliefs of the past which were steeped in so much certitude now need to be renewed without help from an enabling environment. The self-conscious preservation of the past becomes a project just as does the desire to acquire new skills. The search for new anchors and for a new sense of belonging is only likely to intensify. New modes of living create new opportunities but also open up new gaps. The idea of being an individual is getting gradually constructed but it brings in it wake anxieties springing from an unfamiliar feeling of rootlessness. The builder flat promises freedom from the past, but offers little by way of filling this void. It offers modernity without content, replacing textured memory with neat surfaces. A new ecosystem is being created and as yet we can grasp only the bare outlines of what changes it might bring.

Pune Properties

Festive Season – Right Time To Invest In Property

As Pune is cited to be the most desirable location in the real estate market and also Pune’s market is said to be on overdrive mode but still due to uncertain economy changes, it’s been a tough course altogether. Nonetheless, this festive season is much more counted upon to swallow up the present unsold stockpile and close on a positive note.

It is also said that developers should advance beyond the festive season to keep the market sky-high. While the reports generated for the first half of the year imply the dropping sales volumes and also subsequent decline in new launches.

Pune was among five cities out of 11 which witnessed a positive movement in city index. The three per cent increment in in the Apr-Jun 2015 quarter for Pune is the third highest after Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Also it was added that 77 per cent localities saw a positive growth in the capital values and there was an overall increase in number of active listings. The city saw a two per cent growth in listed price monitor.

Realty market is a sentiment driven market, and also the festive season is the most opt time to launch realty, make sales and gain profit. Festive season is the season when fence-sitting buyers make the final call. Festive season is the most prominent because a lot of offers are also made available to buyers like gold coins, cash discounts in per sq ft, no EMI till possession, waiver for VAT and service tax, zero down payment and special discount for buyers from Mumbai.

Festive season may be promising but developers should also look for market needs like improved living conditions and better infrastructure would definitely increase sales. Also, many infrastructure projects like suburban roads, metro rail project and BRTS project have either been hindered or are moving at a very slow pace.

Next two months are going to be critical for realty market and realtors are geared up, but what matters most is right pricing. RBI governor has already appealed for correction in pricing and rate of interest should go down further. Most importantly buyers must make a decision because this is the right time to invest as the prices are still balanced.



Kohinoor Group is one of the topmost real estate property builders. In the last 3 decades, they have developed and promoted more than 4 million square feet projects in the residential and commercial divisions across vital locations especially in the PCMC area in Maharashtra. The well known builders are constructing a new marvel of nature named as “KOHINOOR FALCON”, 2 and 3BHK flats and apartments at Sus Road, Pune.

If we go for the location of the Kohinoor Falcon, Sus Road is a newly and highly develop location in Pune. Real estate market in this area has increased decagonal in the past few years in respect of meeting the growing demands of residents. Sus Road contributes the climate of Pune city, with mild summers, pleasant rainfall and balanced winters. Due to growth in Population many good schools and colleges has been established in Sus Road.

In Sus Road, Falcon is the tallest apartments with 20 floors. It is an instant constructive contentment. The main amenities of Kohinoor Falcon are:-

  • Open Space with designer theme landscape
  • Fully-functional Mini-Gym and Indoor Games
  • Multi-purpose Play Court
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Nature Walk / Jogging Track
  • Party Lawn
  • Designed Entry Lobby with Waiting lounge
  • Well-Distributed Seating for Elderly
  • Children’s play area
  • Sky Lounge (Party Area) on 20th floor
  • Multi-Purpose Community Hall – Club House

The exciting view of hills from your window will make your frame of mind exalted and fresh. You could enjoy the morning walk on the nature trail here. The facility of 24*7 CCTV surveillance is an additional advantage for your security point of view.

For further details and booking information visit at :

Pune Properties


If you are looking for a hint that the power performance of the real estate market of the city, look for consistency. View market data for the past few months and see if it is shifted to a consistent rate. Above all, the market is the flexibility. When the economic climate has not been favourable, is not strong enough to collapse. When you consider such factors carefully, you’ll find that the real-estate market has shown signs of topping Pune.

Pune has therefore gathered a reputation as India real estate market. In Pune large number of Real estate developers and end users to invest in this trend is a very popular way among. Although central Pune are saturated because of the chaos that comes with all the benefits of the city when empty, the periphery of Pune offers excellent living options. For this reason Talegaon, Wagholi, Urulikanchan demand for residential and commercial project and is also more growth. The new government’s agenda is also likely to improve the housing real estate market is positive. Mostly affordable apartment in Pune are driven his value proposition or are likely to get a boost.

There are many reasons why Pune is a promising real-estate market. Because the steady growth of the Information Technology sector has created a lot of jobs, making it a shelter for young professionals. Then organised retail sector has also grown tremendously especially in Hadapsar area like Amanora mall. Then the demographics of the city have changed extraordinary. Today, Builders have to keep a very different set of demographics in mind. Pune is home to a large population of young professionals and students.

All these elements come together Pune real estate market has given its flexibility and strength. Top Builders, Developers and Promoters in Pune, the situation in the next few years and have found favourable planned luxury projects, Row houses and affordable homes segments. One thing is for sure will continue the success of Pune real estate market for years to come.