Be smart! Buy Homes without paying the Bank Interest

Buying a home is nothing less than a challenge. It seems to be so daunting that people just drop the idea of getting their home and instead prefer staying on rent for years together. The foremost thing one must plan is to set the assets acquisition objectives one may have and then see how buying the home property fits into the work plan set to achieve those objectives.

While for a certain set of people, a home is an investment to convert all the money that they pay for a rented house, which they can channelize into the mortgage payments to get their own house. On the other hand, certain another set of people believes that owning a home gives them independence and they take delight in being their own proprietors.

Best options for the First-time Homebuyers

The First-time homebuyers have a wide spectrum of possibilities that they can opt for to acquire their own home property. The FHA (Federal Housing Authority) backed mortgages are customized especially for the beginners. In addition, there are several home buyer programs for the first-time buyers that offer the minimum down payments, which are as less as 3% to 5% in comparison to the standard 20%. It is even more surprising that few payment options require no down payment to be made at the beginning.

The Guardian Corporation ventured into the Real estate sector business and has started dealing with the commercial and residential projects since the last three decades. Adding more and more satisfied customers onto their list, they design and build houses that are styled and carved with utmost attention to the location and lifestyle of the people, especially the today’s generation. With the plans of building over 3 million square fits in the next few years, Guardian developers have come up with the innovative idea of fully or 100% interest-free homes. This is one of the most innovative and thoughtful concepts launched by Guardian developers that is worth appreciation. Below is a presentation of the points stating how the whole process functions and how the pathway to your new home becomes much easier than ever before.

The process flows for 100% interest-free homes

  • Any customer who is interested in buying a residential property will visit the Guardian Developer office. The branch information can be taken from the website. The interested client can explore several options once they walk into the office where they receive the complete assistance and guidance from the concerned staff. It is always important to talk clearly and discuss options when one is thinking to buy a long term asset.
  • When the customer expresses their preference for booking a home under this offer, after learning and collecting the inputs from the real estate advisor, they can make a payment of one lakh in addition to the service tax (Enrollment charges). This particular amount is charged as the Enrollment amount. However, the flat allocation is not done at this stage.
  • The customers are required to submit the KYC and other documents for the further processing. KYC is extremely important to identify the clients and is a protocol that should be followed definitely.
  • Following this, the customers are called for the selection of the flats under the 100% interest-free homes offer. They are set by the firm based on their respective enrollment number. The clarity and integrity are maintained throughout the process. A predefined allotment process is followed, and the project based allotments of the flats are done within four months.
  • During the allocation of the flats, the clients have to pay 20% of the total amount value of the flat in addition to the service tax. The enrollment amount shall be adjusted by this amount. The customer is then supposed to make the payment for the completion of the stamp duty, registration and VAT processes within a period of 30 days, and with the payment, the final agreement is registered. This process smoothen the ownership transfer for the client, who can gain confidence after the completion of the registration.
  • Three payment slots with duration of 12 months, 24 months and 36 months from the date of allotment of the flat are facilitated. This payment is 5% of the value of the flat. The major advantage of the client is that the remaining amount will be paid in Interest-free installments. In fact, the customer gets the possession of the flat on the 3rd year from the date of the agreement.

This complete offer is the win-win circumstance for both the buyer and seller. The buyer does not have to pay the interest cost and this innovative financial option is very beneficial for the home buyers. Overall, the customer is only supposed to pay the cost of the flat and the same installment amount. This scheme is clearly very appealing as the same house loan under a regular plan would have been for the duration of over 20 years with the customers paying almost the doubled value of the property. The customer needs to be aware and diligently investigate before investing in such offers. Since this is a long-term investment, it is always wise and healthy to deal with companies like Guardian developers, who are reputed and committed to meet their objectives of excellent client satisfaction.